Search Help

Like all databases, we have rules that govern our listings and whilst we have tried to make our system as intuitive as possible, you may find the following Search Tips of assistance.

Both Business Sector and Company Name searches are linked to a Town Location.

Example: Search all Publishers in Milton Keynes or Mitre Publications in Milton Keynes.

Business Sector
There are 1500 categories to choose from when looking for products or services.
Simply type the first few characters of the keyword you want to reveal and the list will
automatically jump to the heading. You can then continue to type or use the scroll keys
(up and down arrows on your keyboard) to look through and view/select the heading you feel most appropriate.

Alternatively, you can use the mouse and select the heading but it is likely that you will find the keyboard method easier.

Once the heading is selected either press Return on your keyboard or use the mouse to press Search.

You will then be presented with a list of Search Results. To view the further company details, use the mouse and click on the company name (blue and underlined) and the
full company details, address, telephone numbers, email & web address (if held) and Map link will load.

If at any stage of the process, you make an error or wish to start again, press search
on the menu at the top of the screen and the page will reload.

Company Name
The main advice is to key in as little as possible and also be aware of spaces.
The search is not case sensitive.

For example, if you enter mitre publications, (and select Milton Keynes) you will find the
company and can then click on the blue link to see the full details.

However, as we are all capable of error, or you may be unsure of the precise company name, you could simply enter mitr

This would reveal all companies (in Milton Keynes) which contain the characters mitr -
you can the look down the Results Page and click on the blue company name you want.

Spaces are recognised and therefore if they appear in the company name, they must be included.
For example: if you wanted to look up M T R Graphics in Milton Keynes, you must be sure
to put in the spaces i.e. m(space)t(space)r and not mtr

Another example of potential confusion may be the use of &. Example: you would need to
enter the spaces before and after: e.g. A(space)&(space)C Office Equipment